It’s not just a dripper.

It’s an experience.


The graycano is an experience that combines a perfectly designed coffee dripper to the adoption of a brazilian coffee tree. We want to share with you the value of the coffee cycle while allowing you to brew incredibly tasty and high quality cups of coffee.

The carefully designed graycano dripper with its unique inner structure was engineered to extract the best out of your coffee. It is the first dripper that consists of an aluminium body coated with a  ceramic-strenghtened Swiss technology coating.


The coffee cycle is still undervalued. This is a fact that we want to change. By buying a graycano dripper you automatically adopt a coffee tree from our plantation located in the farm Fazenda Jacarezal in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

It goes beyond just planting a tree. It’s about starting a journey together. You can name your adopted tree and you will be updated about its life. What is needed to assure that your tree grows healthy? Can it make it to its first successful harvest?

You get to understand on first hand the coffee cycle. You get to be part of the coffee cycle.

Our values


We aim to build a trusted relationship with you and all our partners.

We are a team and care for yours and our colleagues’ wellbeing.


We promote environment awareness by minimizing our impact on the planet.

We conduct an ethical posture and treat
everyone fairly.

We invest in scoial engagement and value
the diversity.


We work to offer high quality products and unique experiences.

We are committed to keeping a good connection with you and reaching your expectations.


We strive for excellence and work passionately on every detail.

We are driven to positively impact your life and the specialty coffee world.

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