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An experience for every coffee enthusiast

The graycano is an experience that combines a perfectly designed coffee dripper to the adoption of a brazilian coffee tree. We want to share with you the value of the coffee cycle while allowing you to brew incredibly tasty and high quality cups of coffee. The coffee cycle is still undervalued. This is a fact that we want to change. By buying a graycano dripper you automatically adopt a coffee tree from our plantation located in the farm Fazenda Jacarezal in Minas Gerais, Brazil.



Essentiell Brewing Tool


In your favorite colour:
Black, Red, Raw


Register your tree
and give it a name


Magazin about the graycano

V-shaped structure – The Lava Ribs® – enables a balanced water and air flow and ensures an optimal extraction, resulting in richness in flavor and aroma for your coffee

Coffee tree adoption – connects and teaches you about the life of a coffee tree

Wood signs with the tree’s name  – unique & handmade with love

Support Paulo and his team on turning a dream into reality – cultivating a coffee plantation

Enjoy your brew like never before. Every pour is unique and powerful, bring your graycano® to eruption

8 reviews for THE GRAYCANO

  1. Mauro

    The product is AMAZING, the quality of the packaging and of the dripper was beyond my expectation and the coffee is so tasteful!
    The page of the tree I adopted is super nice and see the faces of the people taking care of the plantation creates a nice connection!

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  2. Brad Walkinshaw

    Graycano has to be one of my favourite brewers in my collection – (@forthecrema). From the moment it arrived, I was so impressed with everything. The branding, the packaging, the different coloured sleeves, and the solid build of the brewer is just the beginning of this amazing story. What really got me was, Graycano also plants a coffee tree on the plantation in Brazil that you are able to name and have a sign beside your tree, included is a certificate of your tree and shared information about your tree as it grows.

    With Graycano, your experience never ends.

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  3. Jeffrey

    Ein sehr hochwertig verarbeiteter Dripper, der minimalistisch designed ist und mit der inneren Struktur eine hohe durchlauf Geschwindigkeit ermöglicht. Diese erlaubt es mit dem Mahlgrad des Kaffees zu experimentieren. Die Verpackung ist durchdacht und es macht Freude den Graycano auszupacken. Das Konzept hinter dem Dripper, einen Farmer mit dem Kauf zu unterstützen und ihn es zu ermöglichen seinen eigenen Kaffee anzubauen gefällt mir sehr gut und zeigt nochmal auf, wie durchdacht das Konzept ist. Eine definitive Kaufempfehlung meinerseits.

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  4. Joe

    Outstanding high quality of the dripper and the whole product. Leads to a perfect brew every single time. Nice idea to adopt a personalized tree.

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  5. Arm

    Excellent Work, Really Nice Dripper design & results and Ecosystem campaign with my own coffee tree in Brazil. Overall is so Amazing ♥️

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  6. Adrian Ccopa

    Graycano not only stands out for having a very good quality product (dripper) but also for having a mission as a brand, which makes it even more attractive. Sadly, most of the time as consumers we are not really interested in the team and the values ​​behind the product we buy. But Graycano really deserve more interest, because they not only shows us in a transparent way their plantation process, whose elaboration is focused on their strong values of ecology and social equality, but also inaugurated their own way of impacting the world of coffee; for each purchase of a dripper, we can adopt our own planted coffee tree.

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  7. Oli

    Such a nice dripper! It’s more as just the beautiful design and the awesome knowledge behind this dripper. you also adopt your own coffee tree by which you help a coffee farmer to run his farm! 🙂

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    Team behind the brewer made a excellent work! Great design, really tasty brews and I adore that you get to adopt a tree by getting this brewer 🙂 Graycano thank you for this amazing experience and brewer! <3

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