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The graycano dripper is the first dripper made out of aluminum with a high-end technology coating.

The dripper takes advantage of the low heat capacity of the aluminium - fastly reaching a high temperature and maintaining it throughout the whole brew process - while not allowing your coffee to directly touch the metal, keeping the aroma and flavor „pure and untouched“. Through this thermal dynamic the fruity and flowery notes of the coffee are intensly accentuated.

Furthermore, the graycano‘s double wall cylinder helps maintain the heat in the inner conical wall, retarding its loss to the ambient, which sustains even more a tempereature constancy during the brew.

The unique V-shaped structure (the Lava Ribs) has many functions and was carefully engineered so that through the combination of this functions the perfect extraction is achieved. The spiral form and position of the ribs reinforce the natural flow of the water. However, unlike many drippers, the structure of the graycano was designed to break any air and water channel that might form. The water is allowed to freely flow between the gaps of the V’s and break these channels. Resulting in an evenly wet coffee bed – assuring an even extraction.

Last but definitely not least function of the V‘s are a natural water agitation. Through the asymetric ribs, the water self agitates and this agitation allows for a more intense flavor extraction and body of the coffee.



Essentiell Brewing Tool


In your favorite colour:
Black, Red, Raw

V-shaped structure – The Lava Ribs® – enables a balanced water and air flow and ensures an optimal extraction, resulting in richness in flavor and aroma for your coffee

Enjoy your brew like never before. Every pour is unique and powerful, bring your graycano® to eruption

2 reviews for THE DRIPPER

  1. Jenhao Yeh

    Nice brewing experience
    The dripper brings out more sweetness in the coffee. I love it.

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  2. Ahmad


    Purchase not verified. Find out more

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